It’s World Soil Day

See a #Reefinator create 1000’s of years worth of #soil out of degraded rocky land in minutes at one of our demo days starting this Thursday up at Binnu. #WorldSoilDay #WorldSoilDay2020 #RocksGone #H4Reefinator The H4 Reefinator is capable of renovating land where the topsoil has been eroded away exposing the bedrock. The Reefinator crushes and […]

Reefinator a rock star

Rocks Gone Reefinator turns unusable rocky land into profitable crops As a third-generation farmer from Chapman Valley WA, Rocks Gone founder and inventor Tim Pannell knew all too well the problems that rocky land poses for farmers The hydraulic Reefinator H4 can crush rock layers while it deep rips and prepares once useless ground for crop growing with access to deeper soil moisture and nutrients When Rocks Gone debuted its Reefinator rock crusher in 2015 it was an instant hit with Western Australian farmers looking to renovate rock-encrusted land that could not be used for cropping. “Farmers now have the very real option of increasing soil depth, which has a range of agronomic benefits including greater water and nutrient holding capacity, and greater rooting depth which also then helps with crop and pasture resilience in times of crop stress,” Tim Pannell said. The latest Reefinator has been dubbed the H4 with the H designating that it’s a hydraulically operated machine and as such, there are no shear pins on the tines.

Rocks Gone founder Tim Pannell with the new Reefinator H4. Credit: Angie Roe Cally Dupe, Countryman, 23 Aug 2019 Four years after releasing his groundbreaking product the Reefinator, Rocks Gone owner Tim Pannell is readying to release an upgraded version. The WA company launched its first rock-crushing machine to free up crop and pasture potential […]