Welcome to Rocks Gone

Rocks Gone was founded by former Western Australian farmer Tim Pannell in 2010. The Pannell family farmed in Yuna for over 30 years, gaining first-hand experience of the numerous problems associated with farming on rocky terrain.

Looking to find an economical solution to improve the production potential of laterite rock soils such as ironstone, gravel ridges and limestone, Tim imported a rotary rock crusher and set up a contracting business before designing and developing his own concept, specifically tailored to suit the harsh conditions found in Western Australia.

The result was the original Reefinator – a tractor-drawn rock crushing machine, so named as it literally decimated and eliminated common laterite “reef” rock to create a nutrient rich soil which could be sown to crop.
Over the years the concept has been continually developed and patented, and we now manufacture award-winning rock crushing solutions for both the agricultural and civil and mining industries.

We pride ourselves on our reputation amongst both farmers and contractors for the strength, durability, reliability and cost effectiveness of our machinery. Western Australian built, the Reefinator has no equal on the global market today.

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